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Running Events in Tulsa

Looking for the best races in Tulsa? RunnersWorld Racing puts on many races in and around Tulsa, from 5k to 100-milers! With an emphasis on accuracy, the race experience, and unforgettable aid stations, you won't want to miss them. So, sign up and lace up for the time of your life at any distance!

And don't forget, we have training groups!
Image by Miguel A Amutio

What makes a great race?

You do! A race can't happen without participants, that's why we focus on giving you an irresistible race experience. At its most basic level, a race is a competitive run. However, anyone who's done a race will tell you it's so much more than that. 

A great race is like a party. There's food, lots of people, and dancing--I mean running. All of our races have an inclusive, celebratory atmosphere from start to finish. Our aid stations set us apart from other races, too. 

Sign up for any of our races to experience the difference and give yourself something worth the training!

The Best Running Events In Tulsa

All of our events are organized/created/operated by RunnersWorld Racing, Tulsa's premier running community. Their races cover all distances and all skill levels, from miles upon miles of well-staffed aid stations in beautiful wilderness trails to easy-to-find and easy-to-run shorter races around town. The races all have plenty of character and spirit, and you'll probably end up with a few friends afterward.

RunnersWorld Racing is more than a race management group, they have developed a community around the sport of running. They're committed to giving participants the best possible experience. What are you waiting for? Click on an event to learn more and sign up!

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