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Running Shoes

Brands We Carry

All the brands!

We carry dozens of brands and hundreds of products - much more than we could list here.
Trouble finding what you need? Let us shop for you. Call us, we're happy to special order those hard-to-find items. 

Exuberant runner fist-pumping the air

Be Happy

Perfect fit. Right price. Complete service. Satisfaction guarantee.
Keeping your feet happy and healthy mile after mile is what it's all about. Your new shoes don't feel just right? No problem - bring 'em back for exchange or refund.  We'll work with you to determine what's not right and find a new pair that feel amazing or simply give you a refund.

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Keep Tulsa Strong

It pays to shop locally. Why? Because locally-owned stores recycle a much larger share of their sales revenue back into the local economy. For every $100 that you spend in a local small business, an average of $68 is reinvested locally. That's almost triple the $21 that the average big-box retailer reinvests locally. 
Chain stores siphon the vast majority of sales revenue out of the community, funneling their corporate headquarters or distant suppliers.

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